Privacy Policy

I hate spam too and I take your privacy seriously – I'll never pass on or sell your information to anyone. I will only contact you if it relates to an order you have placed or if you've signed up to receive newsletter updates.

The shopping cart and checkout system I use is provided by the company FoxyCart, and all credit card processing is handled by PayPal, their policies are provided or linked to below, along with those of Google Facebook and Twitter for the use of their social buttons and analytics...


As just mentioned I use the company FoxyCart to manage orders through the cart and checkout stages. Personal information is stored by FoxyCart as detailed below and on their own site.

No credit card details are collected or stored by FoxyCart, all credit card payments are processed by PayPal.

This section is copied (and 'Get Zoned' substituted where appropriate) from this page at FoxyCart's site:

Stores Using FoxyCart

This privacy policy does not apply to sites using LLC’s services. Stores using LLC’s services may have their own privacy policies. LLC will not use any customer information that is not provided to LLC directly. In other words, if a business named “Get Zoned” uses LLC’s services, Get Zoned's customers:

  • will be processed through LLC’s services and servers as necessary to complete the transaction, which may include:
    • logging the customer IP and other network information,
    • setting cookies,
    • sending the customer information to the payment gateways that are configured by the store admin;
    • sending the customer by encrypted XML to the URL specified in the FoxyCart store admin;
  • will receive whatever email receipts are configured in the FoxyCart admin;
  • will have their information stored on LLC’s servers, as necessary to provide transaction history reports to Get Zoned’ store administrator;
  • will not be contacted by LLC or any representative of LLC without explicit approval from Get Zoned (ie. for troubleshooting or bug diagnosis);
  • will not be used for direct marketing by LLC or any representative of LLC;
  • will not have their information shared, sold, or otherwise disclosed, unless LLC is required by law to do so;
  • may be used in an anonymous, aggregatred format to calculate statistics for LLC’s services (ie. average transaction value, average transactions per store, average transactions per day per store, etc.), which may be used for both internal purposes (analyzing server load, etc.) and external purposes (marketing, etc.).


All credit card payments are processed via PayPal. PayPal is a secure and popular (over 3 million Australian users) global payment processing company. Here's a link to PayPal's Australian privacy policy:

Social network buttons and widgets

Your own privacy settings for each of these social networks will determine the use of any information obtained by these companies. Here are links to the privacy policies of Google, Facebook, and Twitter:


I use Google's analytics service to collect anonymous browsing data. This service is used by a large proportion of sites on the internet. Google may use the data collected to personalise ads presented to you on it's own advertising network. Here's a link to Google's privacy policy:


Any other cookies stored on your computer, besides those used by the companies above, will only be used to store any preferences you have selected or the current state of a dynamic page, like the food table for example.

Contact me if you have questions

Please contact me if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the use of this site.

Regards, Max.