About Get Zoned

Get Zoned is just me, Max Carpenter. I run this website and sell a few products from my home in Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches. There's more about me here...

Why Get Zoned? Why this site?

Most of us have a good general idea about what's healthy and what isn't, we know an apple is better for us than ice cream, but I think there are still things a lot of us are confused about, and lately so much of what we're told seems to contradict other stuff we're told! Who do we believe? What do we eat?

I'm not a dietician or a doctor or an expert in anything, I want to make that clear. And I won't offer any specific medical advice. I'm just hoping this site will provide simple explanations of some of the current theories in human nutrition for weight loss and disease prevention and general healthy living, and why I think some are worth trying more than others.

My goal is to explain healthy nutrition guidelines in simple terms, and then explain why.

Can't we just eat less junk and more veggies?

Yep, that's basically what I and everyone else recommends. But the devil is in the details, there are different interpretations and subtleties that warrant exploration, so a lot of the theory section of this site will attempt to explain things like what exactly is a moderate amount of carbs?, but also things like should I take fish oil?, and even what's the best diet?

And I want to present some actual guidelines to follow along with the theory, starting with the basics, but also getting into some nitty gritty for those that want more.

A lot of my recommendations are based on the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet along with evolutionarily appropriate food choices. Here's more about the nutrition advice at Get Zoned...

You can help

I have no training in education either so I'd love any feedback on confusing bits or better ways to explain things.

Regards and good health, Max.