Nutrients Quiz

Do you know your food? Take this quick quiz...

1. What's in cheese?
carbs and fat
carbs and protein
fat and protein
wait, what?

2. What's in nuts?
equal amounts of protein and fat
mainly fat
mainly carbs
equal amounts of protein and carbs

3. Do tomatoes contain carbs?
don't be silly they're a fruit
don't be silly they're a salad
wait, what are carbs again?

4. Full fat ice cream contains, in grams, from most to least...
fat then protein then carbs
fat then carbs then protein
carbs then fat then protein
deliciousness then bedtime

5. Lean chicken and fish and beef contain...
carbs and protein and fat
just carbs and protein
just protein and fat
just protein

How did you go?

Killed it – head straight over to how much to eat and what foods to eat.
Struggled a bit – no worries, these nutrients basics should help.